Brand New Creality Halot- One 3D Printer




Integral light source
2K high precision
5.96 Inches Monochrome LCD
Lychee and Halot-Box slicing software available
Built-in Wi-Fi
One-click to upgrade firmware 
Precision Z-axis module
High-performance mainboard 
Efficient cooling & filtration
New-generation operation system

Integral Light Source, High Precision, and Uniformity

The self-developed integral light source adopts reflection & refraction to make the light intensity distribution of the whole screen uniform, and each dimension of the model with consistent accuracy. 

Integral light source: It is composed of 6 lamp beads, and each lamp bead e is composed of 4 light-emitting chips, the uniformity of light source energy can reach more than 80%. When the individual lamp beads are attenuated, the uniformity of the printed model e is not affected.

Matrix light source: It consists of many ultraviolet lamp beads evenly arranged in a row. The light intensity of the lamp bead splicing area is uneven, and the lamp bead damage has a greater impact on the uniformity of the printed model.


Capture Details Bring every creative design concept to life, showing the exquisite details of the model. 5.9-inch monochrome display, resolution 2560 x 1620.

Lychee and Halot-Box slicing software available

You can use both Lychee and our self-developed Halot Box software for easy and efficient slicing.

Wi-Fi/APP Remote Control

Creality Cloud APP for monitoring printing progress, adjusting the printing settings, Start/Stopping prints. Built-in Wi-Fi allows one-click upgrades to the firmware.

Intelligent Chip & High-Efficiency Printing

Powerful computing and image processing capabilities to ensure smooth operation and simultaneous improvement of printing accuracy and efficiency

✔ ARM Cortex-M4 processor ✔ CPU+GPU 64-bit quad-core 


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