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TEKBURG, INC - November 26, 2021

TEKBURG is a leading supplier of used, off-lease and repossessed office printers and copiers. Over half of all business owners say that money is their biggest worry when it comes to running their business. And with over 1.3 million businesses in Canada, that is a lot of worried business owners! Our business started out of that need, for providing office solutions to businesses that could fit every printing need and budget. Since 2018, we have helped thousands of businesses across Canada save money and run their businesses more efficiently. 

Printers nowadays are more than just printing devices but multifunction devices that can do everything from automating workflows, to increasing productivity, to reducing print costs and more. We have observed a lot of trends over the years in how people work, from virtual work to cloud document sharing to emailing, but one thing that has not changed is the demand for printers. Office printers have evolved with those changes, and we would argue that cloud sharing has even increased the need for printers, since printers have the ability to scan thousands of documents to the cloud in minutes and even turn documents into searchable PDFs for easy filing and retrieval. People just like print and there is something about print that can’t be replaced by email. We know how important printers are to your business which is why we try to bring you low prices. We offer multifunction office printers and copiers, production printers, large format printers, desktop office printers, and toners and inks. 

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Our Mission

Our mission is helping businesses save money on office printer equipment. 

Choose from our huge selection of used multifunction office printers and copiers. We have printers for every need from monochrome copiers to color copiers, to 11 x 17 printers, to medium volume printers to high volume printers to high resolution printers and more. We carry all of the most trusted brands from Xerox, Ricoh, Samsung, HP, Canon, Lexmark, RISO, and more but without the high price tag.  

Ricoh copier

These printers are best suited for universities, financial institutions, corporate offices, print shops, and governments. If you need to print high volumes or over 50,000 pages a month, your needs will be best met by a production printer. Production printers have duty cycles up to and over 500,000 pages a month and can tackle the most demanding print jobs and even have finishing options for booklet and manual making, stapling, and paper binding. 

Canon digital press printer

Perfect for printing architectural drawings, blueprints, maps, posters, banners, and photographs, these printers can print from 24 inches up to 60 inches and can print on all kinds of paper mediums. Large format printers produce stunning results and the richest colors and deepest blacks, since they use up to 5x more inks than regular printers.

Canon 44 inch large format printer

Perfect for students, virtual workers and micro businesses, these printers can do it all from printing to copying to scanning and faxing, without taking up a lot of office space. 

We carry hundreds of toners and inks on all of the most popular makes and brands so you never have to worry about spending hours searching online to find a compatible toner. 

Printer Leasing, Repairs and Installation, TEKBURG Service Plan

We offer printer leasing on almost all of our printers. Our lease prices range from $15/month to $1,204/month. We offer a standard 1 year warranty on all of our machines and we provide 24/7 support to our customers. For residents and businesses in the GTA, we are able to offer printer repair and printer installation services. On some models, including the Ricoh copiers, we are also able to offer a Service Plan where you pay a monthly fee and receive Toner and Service Free of Charge. For more information, please contact us at (416) 830-5007 or email office@tekburg.ca

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