Brand New Creality Ender-3 S1 3D Printer




Small sprite infinite power
Equipped with CR Touch accurate leveling
Stable structure smooth operation
32-bit silent mainboard print with coziness
High filament compatibility, full of creation potential
96% pre-installed 6-step fast assembly
Interfaces reserved different ways to print 
New UI interaction with LCD knob screen

CR Touch Accurate Leveling

Easy to use and accurate with 16-point auto-leveling, even for the first layer.

"Sprite” Dual-gear Direct Extruder

Compatible with multiple filaments. Smooth feeding ensures quality outputs.

6-Step Fast Assembly

96% pre-installation and modularized design make the assembly simple and easy.

High-precision Dual Z-Axis

Dual Z-axis screws and dual motors greatly improve the printing quality.

Knob Type Belt Tensioner

A handy belt tensioner helps prevent layer shifting caused by inadequate tightness.

Versatile Interfaces

Laser engraving, LED light, etc., realize imagination with creative design.

Dual Resume Function

Resuming the printing function and filament sensor is essential to avoid time and filament wasting.

Easy-to-operate Screen

4.3-inch LCD knob screen supports new UI interaction and automatic dimming out within 5 minutes.

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