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Same Day or Next Day Service

TEKBURG, INC - November 19, 2021

We offer same day or next day printer repair service and can diagnose and fix common printer issues. We service all printers and copiers and offer printer installation in the Toronto area. We have experienced technicians standing by who can help your business get back to business. 

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Same Day Service Repairs

Same Day or Next Day Service

Printers have an important place in the office and that’s not just because they can print. Office printers today can copy, scan, fax and even automate your workflows and streamline productivity. They can even save your business money since outsourcing your printing can be costly, and when you factor the cost to outsource your printing, that’s a lot of money saved. People just like print and there is just something about holding a document in your hand that an email can’t replace. Printer downtime can also cause productivity downtime. Employees spend 22 minutes everyday on IT issues including printer issues. Equipment issues can not just result in lost productivity but frustration and lower employee morale. Its clear that printer downtime is something you want to minimize.

We realize how important printers are to your business which is why we offer Same Day or Next Day Service anywhere in the GTA. 

We diagnose and fix common printer issues


-Paper jams

-Routine maintenance (cleaning the feed tires, removing dust buildup on the inside of your machine, cleaning the scanner glass)

-Printing from the wrong tray

-Error message when printing

-Lines on paper

-Wrinkled pages

-Copies that are too light or not dark enough

-Dots on pages

-Printer can not be found on your network error

-Fuser assembly and feed roller repair

Performing maintenance on printer

We service all laser printers and copy machines

It makes a lot of sense to repair a printer instead of replacing that printer since the average cost of a copier is $13,000. We service all brands of printers from HP, Canon, Xerox, Ricoh, Konica Minolta, Samsung, Toshiba, RISO, Lexmark and more. Our team can repair and service any kind of office printer from monochrome to color copiers, to production printers, large format printers, digital press printers, digital duplicators, home office printers and label printers. 

Ricoh Copier

Let us take care of Installation and set up (on-site and virtual)

We do installation on-site and will take care of everything from installing printer drivers to connecting the printer to your network to setting up your devices and more. An IT person will connect the printer to your network, set an IP address for your printer and download and install printer drivers on all PCs and laptops and get a test report for printing and scanning. The whole process only costs $150, only the wireless transmitter is extra and tax of course. We do on-site printer installation within the GTA region and we offer virtual printer installation by phone or WhatsApp outside of the GTA region. 

Trained and experienced repair technicians 

We have experienced, knowledgeable and friendly technicians. Our staff can do an assessment of your printer, diagnose the root of the printer’s problem, and repair your printer and even offer preventive tips and maintenance tips to keep your printer running smoothly. One of our goals is to give you the best service which is why we offer 24/7 support and can be reached by phone, email, or in-person in the Toronto area.  

Diagnosing printer issues

Should I repair or replace my printer?

In some cases, its prohibitive to repair a machine and it makes more sense to replace your machine. Repairing a printer every few months sounds like a good idea, but repairs costs can quickly add up and repairing a machine could end up costing you more than a new printer. If you are thinking about buying a new printer but not sure which one is right for your business, contact us for a consultation and we can help you out. We offer leasing on almost all of our machines so you can keep your office printer equipment costs low and reduce your costs into monthly payments. 

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Printer maintenance tips

Proper maintenance of your printer can keep it running smoothly and extend its life. Performing maintenance on your printer can be as simple as putting a dust net over your printer when not in use. It doesn’t sound like much but maintenance tips like these can save you time and money. Almost everything we use on a daily basis requires some type of maintenance, from cars to washing machines to air conditioning units, and printers are no different. Make sure to keep your manual that came with your printer as it usually comes with a guide on how to maintain your printer. If you cannot find your manual, simply do a search online for your printer’s manual.

-Wipe the inside of your printer with a dry lint-free cloth

-Gently wipe your printer’s corona wires with a moist cotton swab

-Use a damp cloth to clean the printer’s rollers

-Avoid purchasing third-party brand toners since they can leak toner and damage your unit.

-Check for firmware and driver updates periodically or change your printer's setting so that drivers are installed automatically

-Use the right paper size for your machine to avoid jams and do not overfill the paper tray

-Handle the drum with care and handle it by holding by the sides not the surface. 

Cleaning the inside of a printer

We are only a phone call away

Printer issues are more common than you think. More than 50% of IT Help Desk calls are printer related. While its true that your IT department can troubleshoot printer issues, that does not mean that they will do it right away. IT Departments are busy departments and have to oversee the maintenance and installation of an entire company’s network computer systems which means that printer repairs will get the least priority. You could be waiting days or even weeks to get your printer up and running. Your IT department may only be one person and that will add even more delays.

We offer Same Day or Next Day Printer Repair Service to help your business get back to business. 

TEKBURG Service Plan for customers in GTA

We don’t just repair and install printers in the Toronto area.

TEKBURG sells office printers and copiers across Canada. When you buy or lease a printer from us, you can buy a TEKBURG service plan with your purchase. You can purchase or lease the model that you like and get our service plan program on top to receive your Toner and Repair Free of charge. TEKBURG Service Plan is only available on select models and for customers in the Toronto area.

You can either pay the flat rate per year and receive your toner and repair free of charge or you can pay $35 /month for 2000 Black and white pages and 300 Color pages in a month and any overage will be $0.008 /black and $0.07 /color. 


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