How to Make Your Home Office More Cozy

Your home office does not need to feel like an office. The best home offices are places you don't just want to work in but places you want to be in. Having a comfortable space to work in can have a big impact on your mood and that can have big gains on your productivity. From making phone calls, to answering emails, to virtual meetings, you can do it all and be comfortable at the same time. Cozy up with our five tips to make your home office more cozy.


1. Put some art on your wall 

Give your eyes and mind a break from staring at a computer screen with some artwork. Staring at the same thing for hours can be mentally taxing and let's be honest, boring. For some motivation, have a quote pinned or framed on your wall. Remember that magical trip to Europe or that special anniversary or a beloved pet. Add some humor to your space by pinning some funny pictures or funny quotes on your wall.

2. Add some greenery to your scenery

We think the best office spaces are relaxing and inviting. Having a plant or two or three can help add some warmth to your space. There are all kinds of plants to choose from but look for ones that are low maintenance and easy to care for.

3. Use your favorite chair 

Choose a chair that you don't just want to want to sit in but one that you want to work in. A good chair has back support, arms, adjustable height, recline features and lots of padding but let your own preference be your guide. Avoid the temptation to buy a chair online because of great reviews. Chairs and their comfort level are pretty unique to each person so a sure way to find your favorite chair is to try them in person at an office store!

4. Add some nice lighting 

We think the best kind of light is natural light so open those drapes and curtains - let the light in!  When that's not possible, choose accent lighting for your space. Accent lighting is softer than overhead lights and less harsh.

5. Make your office space more like you 

There is nothing stronger than the sense of smell and having some familiar scents around you can elevate your mood. From lavender, to cinnamon, to your favorite cologne or perfume. Incorporate some of your favorite colors into your space. This can be as easy as getting some stationary for your desk in your favorite color or painting a wall in your favorite color. Playing some of your favorite music can trigger the release of happy chemicals in your brain and stimulate the feeling of being calm and contented. 

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