Brand New Creality CR-Scan Lizard 3D Scanner



  • Up to 0.05mm Accuracy
  •  No Marker Scanner
  •  One-click Model Optimization
  •  Scan Black Objects
  •  Multi-mode Scanning

No Marker Scanning High Efficiency

Real time saver. CR-Scan Lizard can acutely and comprehensively capture fine details of the target with the 3D model built up perfectly, successfully realizing no-marker scanning

Up to 0.05mm Accuracy

Ultra-high accuracy, impressive experience. CR-Scan Lizard can scan small parts and prototypes with deep, hard-to-reach details.

Scan Black Objects

CR-Scan Lizard can scan black objects, and it maintains excellent performance even in bright sunlight.

Multi-mode Scanning

Scanning objects of different sizes and meet various scanning circumstances and requirements.

One Click Uploading and Sharing

Connect CR Studio with Creality Cloud, and the 3D model can be uploaded to the database (Creality Cloud) with slicing and printing completed with just one click.

True Color

To meet the needs of VR, AR, 3D rendering, games, and color 3D printing which may be realized in the future, CR-Scan Lizard can pair with the color kit and supports the shooting of colorful textures with cell phones or DSLR cameras.

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